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LiftArt Quality Life and Elevator Systems Ltd. Sti.

Founded in 1958 by Ali Süreyya, our company specializes in elevator systems, handling and lifting machines over time. Since 2000, our company, which has increased its investment in the accessibility of the disability, plans to establish a separate company operating in this field and to reduce the burden of work intensity on the parent company. For this reason, LiftArt has been established to provide people with physical or mental disabilities who have permanent or temporary obstacles to provide solutions that will facilitate their lives and enjoy life and raise living standards and overcome obstacles.

For this purpose, our company, which produces, imports and sells the most appropriate tools, equipments, machines and equipments for solving this problem and also advises on these issues at the same time; They are also making a great effort to inform and raise awareness of all people, including disabled persons, that disabled people, as well as everyone else, have the rights and that they must be actively involved in the exercise of these rights and that every part of society must receive education in this regard. .

Aqualift Pool Lift, which is the first product and its production, Aqualift Pool Elevator, which will make it easier for overweight, elderly or disabled people to enter the pool, which is difficult to enter the pool, has been produced and patented for the first time in Turkey. In line with the demands, the product range has been developed rapidly and many products needed for the use of the disabled.

LiftArt is the first and only company in Turkey specializing in disabled lifts, disabled vehicle systems, disabled transfer and mobility. Especially for those who can not make ladders, they have made serious investments in ladder solutions and home elevators.

Besides handicapped products, handicapped room and handicapped room equipments as well as pool equipments, hospital equipments and rehabilitation center equipments are also in the product range.

LiftArt is committed to raising the standard of living of all people and disabilities and to offer the products needed for that purpose at the highest quality and on the right terms.

Our vision is to be a company that is trusted, consulted, raised, and adds color and difference to the lives of all people with disabilities, raising the standards of living of all people and disabilities.

With all the products and services we produce and sell, all our efforts are to make people’s lives easier and easier.

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