• What is Aqualift?

    Aqualift is the brand of the first pool elevator produced in Turkey. It has become the general name for pool elevators in Turkey due to its meaningful name derived from the combination of “Aqua” and “Lift” and being the first of its kind in Turkey.

  • What is a pool elevator?

    A pool elevator is a means of transportation that allows people with permanent or temporary physical disabilities, those with limited physical strength such as overweight or elderly individuals, to enter and exit places like pools, the sea, lakes, spas, bathtubs, and similar locations with or without assistance.

  • Who is Aqualift designed and produced for?

    Aqualift Pool Elevator is designed and produced for people with various disabilities, overweight individuals, and the elderly who have difficulty entering or exiting the pool. It’s important to note that Aqualift is not only for people with disabilities but also for those who have difficulty entering or exiting the pool due to their weight or age.

  • Can anyone use Aqualift?

    Yes, anyone, whether they have a physical disability or not (provided they are of an appropriate age and physically capable of using Aqualift without hindrance), can use it with or without assistance. The main purpose of manufacturing Aqualift is to facilitate the entry and exit of people with physical disabilities, overweight individuals, or the elderly into and out of places like pools, the sea, lakes, spas, bathtubs, and similar locations. It is not suitable for use by small children on their own.

  • Who can use Aqualift?

    Anyone who is of an appropriate age (not suitable for use by small children) and physically capable of using Aqualift without hindrance can use it, whether they have a physical disability or not. However, the primary purpose of manufacturing Aqualift is to benefit those who have difficulty entering and exiting the pool.

  • Can only people with disabilities use Aqualift?

    No, Aqualift can be used by anyone who has difficulty entering and exiting the pool.

  • What is the warranty period for Aqualift?

    Aqualift is covered by a five (5) year warranty against manufacturing and assembly defects.

  • What is covered under the Aqualift warranty?

    The warranty covers all manufacturing and assembly defects. Additionally, there is a 10-year guarantee of being able to find spare parts.

  • If the water is cut off while using Aqualift, will I fall into the pool?

    No, you will not fall into the pool under any circumstances. Aqualift can slowly lower itself into the pool in the event of a water outage. If you want to prevent it from going down during the lifting process when the water is cut off (locking), you can request the installation of an optional control valve. However, even if it is locked, if you return the main valve to the lowering position, the seat will still descend slowly. After reaching the pool, you can either exit with the help of someone physically capable or wait for the water to return.

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  • Can I use Aqualift to exit the pool if the power goes out?

    No, if the power goes out, Aqualift will not work. Therefore, you cannot use Aqualift to exit the pool in such a situation.

  • Is Aqualift safe?

    Yes, Aqualift is very safe when used correctly. It is designed to allow users (including those with physical limitations) to enter and exit the pool safely. Each model undergoes extensive testing to ensure it meets usage requirements before being sold. Additionally, random product testing is conducted during production, and user feedback is considered for design improvements.

  • What safety standards does Aqualift meet?

    Aqualift carries the CE (Conformite Europeenne) mark, which indicates that it meets basic health and safety requirements for humans and other living beings.

  • Is Aqualift a Turkish product?

    Yes, Aqualift is entirely designed and manufactured by Turkish engineers.

  • What is the lifespan of Aqualift?

    Aqualift is designed to be used for an extended period, even under challenging conditions. With proper use and following the instructions in the user manual, it will continue to serve for a long time. The manufacturer offers a rare 5-year manufacturing and assembly warranty, demonstrating confidence in the product’s quality and design.

  • Is Aqualift only used in pools, or are there other applications?

    Aqualift has models suitable for various settings, including all types of pools, overwater docks, jacuzzis, spa baths, boats, health centers, morgues, and even home bathrooms.

  • Does Aqualift rust?

    No, Aqualift does not rust. It is made primarily of 304-316 grade stainless steel and durable plastic derivatives, making it corrosion-resistant and suitable for long-term use in water.

  • Can Aqualift be used in hygienic environments?

    Yes, Aqualift is suitable for hygienic environments since it is made entirely of non-corrosive materials.

  • Were any harmful substances used in the production of Aqualift?

    No harmful substances were used in the production and assembly of Aqualift.

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  • Can I use Aqualift on my own?

    Yes, Aqualift’s AL-coded models are automatic and can be used by a single person.

  • Is it easy to install and remove Aqualift?

    It is very easy. Insert Aqualift’s carrier tube into the mounting hole and connect the water hose to the main valve. Similarly, to remove it, disconnect the water hose from the main valve and remove Aqualift by holding it from the main carrier profile. No tools or equipment are needed for these operations. (This applies only to portable models.)

  • Who installs Aqualift?

    The mounting hole required for Aqualift’s installation is prepared by the authorized technical service personnel of Özgür Bedenler. An improperly prepared mounting hole by unauthorized or inexperienced individuals will hinder the proper functioning of Aqualift. However, anyone can install Aqualift in an existing mounting hole.

  • Is the water pressure from the municipal supply sufficient to use Aqualift?

    Yes, under normal conditions, the water pressure from your home’s tap, which is the municipal water supply pressure, is sufficient for Aqualift to operate. If water pressure in your area is low, you may need a pressure booster (hydrofor).

  • What is the typical municipal water supply pressure?

    It varies regionally but is generally between 4 to 6 bar.

  • How much weight can Aqualift lift?

    Aqualift’s standard models can lift 200 kg. Custom production can be done to achieve the desired lifting capacity. Technically, there is no capacity limit; it can lift 1 ton or 10 tons without any issues.

  • What is Aqualift's serial number?

    Aqualift’s serial number is a number that allows us to track and manage detailed information about the model and specifications of Aqualift.

  • Where is Aqualift's serial number located?

    Aqualift’s serial number is embossed in writing on the main carrier profile and/or the lower part of the cylinder (the circular section where the wheels are attached).

  • What are the other names for Aqualift?

    Aqualift is known by various names depending on its usage and location. Some of the alternative names include pool hoist, pool lift, disabled lift, therapy pool lift, spa lift, elderly lift, bariatric lift, jacuzzi lift, hydrotherapy lift, and more.

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