The Best Pool Lift ! AQUALIFT by LIFTART

Aqualift Pool Lift is a lift for disabled / handicapped, elderly and overweight people to access to a pool, sea, lake or similar places without help.

Stainless & Independent Operation

Aqualift is produced with stainless steel and healthy materials. Therefore it’s hygienic. Aqualift is certainly not affected by water with the materials used in producing Aqualift as 304 and 316 type of stainless steel and industrial plastics. It can stay a long time in water. And You certainly don’t need help to access to a pool with the AL models of Aqualift. The controls of Aqualift are both at deck and water levels. So it’s possible to call the seat while you are in or out the pool.

No Electricity Only Water Pressure

Just attach the water hose. No other energy or equipment is needed. To power Aqualift low water pressure is enough. 200 kg can be lifted easily with a faucet pressure (4-6 bars). And also Aqualift can be powered with faucet water, pool water, sea water and these kinds of water types.

Easy Removable With No Tools

Aqualift Pool Lift can easily be removed after the assembling with no tools. Can be moved by the help of its wheels, can be stored and also can be reassembled when needed.

Automatic Rotation

The seat of Aqualift can turn completely around by a special system and so it’s comfortable to access to the pool. Therefore you won’t need a help to turn the seat. Inform us about the rotation way and angle when you order Aqualift.

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